Annual Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2018

Annual meeting of July 21, 2018 started at 4:08pm with twenty -six attendees

Pledge of allegiance


Agenda presented, motioned to accept made and approved by Pam Whipple, 2nd by Gary, all aye.

Jim Z, present last year’s minutes for approval (2017), motion made and approved by Linda , 2nd by Gary, all aye.

Meeting was temporarily suspended for attendees to get refreshments, then continued.

Paul provided treasurer and audit reports (see handout). Linda motioned to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Diana, all aye.  Audit report was questioned regarding deficit by Diana, and it was explained that because of our fiscal year being 7-1 to 6-30 moneys spent and membership dues collected sometimes conflict but as a whole we are not losing money.  Motion made by Linda to approve, 2nd by Steve, all aye.

Nominating Committee Paul Cieslak advised board positions open and presented nominations as follows:

President, Otto Novak

Secretary, Linda Novak

Director, Paul Cieslak

Director, Jim Zientek

No other nominations were recommended from the floor, Paul made motion to accept board members as slated, motion 2nd by Jim, all aye.

Gary Hughes presented information regarding website history and headings.  Bob Kissman advised Gary he would discuss I.T. issues and possibly help out with the website.

Stu introduced Dr. Susan Knight WDNR and UW Madison botanist and AIS specialist.  There will be an open house at Trout Lake station on August 3rd from 1-5pm.  Susan advised the following take away points regarding our lake

  • The majority of the lake is less than 200’ from shoreline or you could say the minority of the lake is more than 200’ from shore. Protecting the shoreline from destruction helps keep it healthy which includes no wake and natural plantation along shoreline.  Minimize lawn to shoreline to create natural vegetation buffer at lake’s edge, leave wood at and in shoreline, create raingardens and diversion structure to minimize water runoff.
  • Climate change is a big stressor. Stratification of the cold, cool and warm layers of water will have a big effect on the fish types found in the lake.
  • Walleye decline in other area lakes may be due to bass competition, more walleye are being kept and bass thrown back from fishing, water warming: as surface water warms less thick layer of cool/cold water so oxygen levels get depleted and fish get squeezed out. (Walleye like cooler water than bass.)

She also pointed out that Vilas and Oneida counties have the coolest lakes in the state and that walleye are dominant in about 9% of the lakes.  It is projected that in 50-75 years walleye will be dominant in less than 1% of the lakes!  From October through June there will be monthly “Science on Tap” presentations at Minocqua Brewing Company.

Jim reminded the audience of the Flotilla event to be held August 18th.

New business:
Paul presented Otto and Linda with a lifetime achievement award for their commitment to the environment and Oxbow lake.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:37pm and dinner followed.

Based on the successful participation at this year’s meeting and dinner to follow, we will try to schedule future meetings for the third Saturday in July.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Novak, Secretary