A New Musky Hunter’s Dynasty

Chad Jensen and his wife Sadie and daughter Sophie now own the former Dickert home. After being told that Oxbow is a "great musky lake, Chad was complaining he was not catching any...until...several days ago when he caught four 30 inch-range muskies on the lake. Still, as musky hunters go he wanted "The Big One." Then a day later he caught this 44" musky in Peaceful Bay...with a Jim Battin bait on the day before Jim passed away. Chad caught it in Peaceful Bay, the very place Jim had told me he had been trying to catch a "monster musky" for years in that very bay.

In addition Chad caught the musky right next to a combo of "fish sticks" right off my dock almost exactly where three weeks before two excited fishermen had lured me down to the lake with their shouting because they had caught a similar/same sized musky. Could it have been the same one? I am taking this as an interesting combo of ramifications and support of fish sticks. Chad will be adding fish sticks to his lake front soon!

Two days after Chad Jensen caught his 44" musky at my place, he went out again with his nephew Max, rounded the corner out of his bay and while he and Max fished in front of the Weston’s cabin Max quickly felt the strike, set the hooks and thereafter landed a 39" musky! Chad claims he was Max's guide and should receive some credit but we all know he is new to the lake and it was just dumb luck. Well, really, I think we have a couple of real musky hunters on the lake!

Make that three real musky hunters. Two more days after Max caught his musky, his brother Vince was out with Chad when another musky (35”) took bait and ran. With coaching from Chad he reeled it in and a family dynasty is born. Chad’s phone had died so no picture of Vince’s musky is available. All muskies were returned to the lake.