Vilas County's Lake Courtesy, Safety and Invasive Species Code

Common sense courtesies:

NOISE - Sound travels over water

  • Recommended water ski and personal watercraft hours 10 am to 6 pm
  • Quiet hours after 10 pm

SPEED - Give other lake users a break

  • Slow down for safety and to protect shorelines from erosion
  • Watch for no-wake zones and speed limits

SPACE - Keep your distance

  • Observe loons, eagles and other wildlife from a long distance
  • Stay away from fish spawning areas in spring and fall
  • Give fishermen and silent watercraft time and space

CLEAN LAKES - Leave no trace

  • Litter kills wildlife - if you carry it in, please carry it out (CITO)
  • Use non-lead sinkers and jigs – lead kills aquatic birds

It’s the law:

SAFETY - Wisconsin boating laws

  • Boaters — Stay at least 100' from swimmers, divers, snorkelers, anglers, other watercraft, rafts and docks.
  • Personal Watercraft — Stay at least 200' from shore when operating faster than “slow-no-wake” speed.
  • Waterskiing and personal watercraft — not permitted after sunset
  • One wearable personal flotation device required for each boater

CLEAN BOATS - CLEAN WATERS – Invasive species

  • State Law — Launching boats or boating equipment with aquatic plants or zebra mussels attached is prohibited. Clean your boat, motor, trailer, anchor, live-well and fishing tackle to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species.
  • Do not release unused bait in the lake, river, or stream. Dispose of in trash.