Oxbow Lake Association Membership

There are many reasons you should join our Membership, however, one reason is you will be helping to ensure our stewardship efforts continue so that future generations can enjoy Oxbow Lake as much as we do. Though equally important is the unheralded benefit one could refer to as ASSET PRESERVATION!. One might think of Oxbow Lake as “eye candy”.  With its incredibly clean, clear water, breathtaking shoreline, awesome fishery, and phenomenal water recreation, its undeniably an extension of your property which adds enhanced value. And all of us are for that! In summary, Members are the backbone of most non-profit organization…and we aren’t any different. So please consider become a Member, commit some time….and help Keep Oxbow Great.

Please mail your completed membership form to:

P.O. Box 101
Presque Isle, WI 54557