Oxbow's Biodiversity

Biodiversity: “Examine the vast array of species (plants & animals) in a particular environment”…in this case our beloved Oxbow Lake.

Our underlining objective is to deliver a series of articles reflecting the incredible biological diversity of species that make up the ecosystem in and around Oxbow Lake. Without get too “deep in the weeds”, we will examine the Oxbow’s diversity from the smallest inhabitants (bladder wart, fresh water sponges, etc) to the largest (primates, animals, etc) and their contribution or hindrance to the health of Oxbow. Since we (Homo sapiens) are part of the Oxbow’s Biodiversity, it’s necessary to identify how our behavior might influence the sensitive harmony and balance of species within Oxbow’s environment.

We divided the series of articles into 3 categories: “Living Underwater”, “Living On the Water”, and “Living on the Edge” (aka The “Edge Effect”). Each article will be categorized under the appropriate three (3) topics.

Hope you all find these articles entertaining and interesting...See the first of the series, "Snapping Turtles".

Snapping Turtles

There are many creatures that live beneath the waters of Oxbow Lake. This is the first of a series that will be presented to provide information that we think you will find interesting and informative. Our first subject is a formidable amphibian THE SNAPPING TURTLE. The COMMON SNAPPING TURTLE is a large freshwater turtle of…
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