Ongoing Projects

Oxbow’s Health: True to our Mission statement, Protect-Preserve-Improve, we all must accept the responsibility of monitoring the HEALTH of Oxbow. For Instance, if we detect an invasive species or a water quality issue, we need to react ASAP. It’s simple as “See Something, Say something”. Keep in mind, detection of invasive species is a TEAM effort…and a Big Task. It necessitates the collective efforts of all Oxbow Lake stakeholders.

Recreational Water Safety:  Cultivate/promote an attitude of safe, respectful recreational behavior by all Oxbow Lake Users, staying keenly attentive to the impact our water activities have on Oxbow’s health, ecosystem, and people safety. As a Public lake, there are State, County and Township Ordinances that dictates on-water etiquette.

Communication: Enhance communications which includes ensuring the web site remains relevant, while enhancing function, content, and interactivity.

Shoreland Preservation/Restoration: Beyond the shores of Oxbow Lake, lies the surrounding area which is critical to the health of Oxbow Lake. From protecting wetlands to restoring uplands as well as combating Terrestrial Invasive Species (TIS) such as Garlic Mustard and Japanese Knotweed, we must maintain a focus on our vital and fragile surroundings.
See From the Prez  “Expanding Our Mission” for more details

Fish Nurseries: We’ll continue to build Fish Cribs and promote the “Fish Sticks” programs. Both endeavors will enhance the survival rate of newly hatched fry and fingerlings by affording them better cover thru their most vulnerable years.